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Logo design for Media buying services

Logo design for Media buying services

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Logo Design
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July 25, 2008
Contest Length
30 days
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Credit Card
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Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png)
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Logo design for Media buying services
Contest Description
orward thinking, technically advanced, proactive, intelligent, smart, fast, accurate. - business and ad agency owners - dark purple

Contest Forum
2008-07-28 08:14:35
We offer unlimited Revisions with Options.
2008-07-28 11:31:25
another try; please send comments
2008-07-28 11:36:42
(contest holder)
I believe the above examples aren't really what we are looking for ... keep in mind our colors. Dark purple and mossy green. If you let me know which color palette you use I will give you the corresponding number. If I had to narrow my word list it would be TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCE- FORWARD THINKING- EFFICIENT- AND LEADING EDGE.
2008-08-06 05:47:08
(contest holder)
Hi TheBigFish,
I like the icon, but I really don't understand what represents and how this is good for my bussines. I don't think that is suitable for my logo.
2008-08-06 05:48:42
(contest holder)
Hi xpressions ,
your "M" looks like a wave to me, and I don't think this is what I am looking for.
2008-08-06 05:51:54
(contest holder)
Hi titoandrade,
please read my previous message. I want somehing that says TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCE- FORWARD THINKING- EFFICIENT- AND LEADING EDGE, and your "M" doesn't says this.
2008-08-06 06:47:26
Hi AlliesServices,

I had written down the approach and the concept along with my entry...

My concept and approach for the submission is the following...

The upward pointing triangle is sometimes called the blade (the blade figures in most of the ancient symbolisms). It is a symbol of aspiration or rising up, and of fire.

The triangle as a symbol (holy trinity;light/mass/energy;sound/form/substance) is a always a point of confluence. The delta, or meeting point of not just opposites but a synthesis point for new ideas. It is a universal symbol of continuum, of synthesis, movement, of fire and aspirations.

The open ends denote the limitless possibilities opening up in each domain. I’ve used parabolic curves and reshaped it as a triangle. The streamlined design indicates speed and focus...

A balanced logo using bold fonts with a streamlined mnemonic. The icon has a shadow effect to give it more depth and perspective so that it can be branded as an independent entity like a Nike, Apple or Cingular.

John M
2008-08-10 13:32:16
(contest holder)
Hi xpressions,
thank you for sending another entry, but I don't think that this "M" is very good.
2008-08-10 13:34:55
(contest holder)
Hi rdioogo,
I like your entries, you could work more on thisidea. Maybe another M?
2008-08-10 13:36:36
(contest holder)
Hi TheBigFish,
thank you for the detailed description of the icon; I agree with you, but I don't think that this icon is suitbale for may company - is too generic.
2008-08-18 01:02:51
Is the company name 'MEDIASERV' as one word??
2008-08-24 21:28:33
is this competition dead?
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