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Creativity - Team Work - Affordability

These are the principles that led to the creation of Our mission is to help designers and small design companies meet in a comfortable and friendly place to showcase their talents.

Before we opened, we were actively involved in various freelance markets. Some of them worked, some didn't. As the world of design changed and trends appeared more rapidly, one thing became clear: all the freelance markets lacked the resources for a designer to fuel his entrepreneurial skills.

Like other professionals, designers need to gain experience. They need the support of a company like - a thriving community that brings together the best professional and amateur designers and interested clients "under one roof".

Our business model is unique. And it works. Why?

Because we're not in it strictly for the money. We're here so that people can discover talent. For those with talent, we help their designs get reviewed and rewarded. That's it.

Designers don't pay to post entries, nor will they pay fees if they win a contest.

If you're a designer, does not believe in charging you fees. We're more interested in what you can do than what you can potentially earn - although earning an income from your designs is something we would like to see happen as well!

If you're a buyer, do all your buying here. Compare prices. We think you'll come back to us. As the famous saying goes, "our prices can't be beat". Go ahead and give us a try.