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Logo design for Media buying services

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2008-08-04 09:32:17

Here's a link to my portfolio

You can also verify my credentials at 99designs.

I am a regular at 99 designs and have won 9 contests in the past four months.

My concept and approach for the submission is the following...

The upward pointing triangle is sometimes called the blade (the blade figures in most of the ancient symbolisms). It is a symbol of aspiration or rising up, and of fire.

The triangle as a symbol (holy trinity;light/mass/energy;sound/form/substance) is a always a point of confluence. The delta, or meeting point of not just opposites but a synthesis point for new ideas. It is a universal symbol of continuum, of synthesis, movement, of fire and aspirations.

The open ends denote the limitless possibilities opening up in each domain. I’ve used parabolic curves and reshaped it as a triangle. The streamlined design indicates speed and focus...

A balanced logo using bold fonts with a streamlined mnemonic. The icon has a shadow effect to give it more depth and perspective so that it can be branded as an independent entity like a Nike, Apple or Cingular.

John M