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logo design for Avanati salon & spa

logo design for spa salon

Contest Holder
Logo Design
Contest Type
Contest Start
September 07, 2008
Contest Length
30 days
Payments Method
Credit Card
Western Union
Electronic Transfer
Requested File Formats
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png)
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Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)
Contest Tagline
logo design for a spa salon
Contest Summary
logo design for spa salon
Contest Description
pscale and very trendy salon/spa targeting women35-54 who want to experience the latest beauty technology and products that truly make a difference. We are commited to providing more then just a service, we provide an entire experience that no other spa in our area has been able to meet. Our colors are changing from greens to coppers, rusts and dark cherry wood (cherry blossoms are used in our decor) We want to emphasize the A in Avanati and use the A to start our branding campaign.

Contest Forum
2008-09-22 13:03:46
please leave feedback if you have time :)
2008-09-22 13:19:21
sure i want to do so................. want ur thinking about my design
2008-09-22 13:32:09
i was directing the question to the competition holder. Feel fee to leave feedback, yourself, however.
2008-09-22 14:43:10
contest holder, please leave a feedback, so we know what you want
2008-09-23 07:57:15
hi everybody....... what about our designs?? no feed back from contest holder? when they gona finalize it? please update
Muhammad Pervez
2008-09-24 09:10:27
Any feed back is appreciated!!!
Zipo Design
2008-09-29 22:23:34
I regret to repeat, my browser had problems
2008-10-02 06:12:18
what do you think about my design
2008-10-04 06:53:57
Hi raewellgraphics,

Please tell me if you like my designs and if you want anything changed!

less = more
2008-10-06 09:55:05

Contest Holder

When we get answers, feedbacks, etc..!?
2008-10-07 20:52:53
Is thd competition still going ?
Wonderful life
2008-10-08 07:03:18
Hi raewellgraphics,

Contest has ended.. when do we hear from you?

Please let us know

less = more
2008-10-08 11:48:54
Hi raewellgraphics,
I submitted the logo design on yesterday, please leave any feedback when you're available. Thanks!

Best Regards,
2008-10-09 23:10:08
Hope I'm not too late with my submission, however I thought this design would translate well on letterhead, apparel, signage, branding etc... I especially could see this branded on an indoor waterfall in the reception area.

Best Regards,
2008-10-16 11:30:37
(contest holder)
Hi guys,
I will select #553 as the winning entry. I like the "A", and the logo is simple and elegant. Thank you.
team of 27 professionals
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