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logo design for spa salon

pscale and very trendy salon/spa targeting women35-54 who want to experience the latest beauty technology and products that truly make a difference. We are commited to providing more then just a service, we provide an entire experience that no other spa in our area has been able to meet. Our colors are changing from greens to coppers, rusts and dark cherry wood (cherry blossoms are used in our decor) We want to emphasize the A in Avanati and use the A to start our branding campaign.

Entry Forum
2008-09-19 19:42:20
I've used two "A's" to form the petals of a cherry blossom. I've given it a hand drawn feel to add a touch of individuality to the stylized blossom.
2008-09-24 03:26:03
(contest holder)
sorry, but the icon looks like a crown to me.
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