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Guidelines and FAQ

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Welcome, designers! We hope you will join the contests posted on and have fun! It's a great way to work with buyers and establish good and profitable relationships with potential clients. What makes our site unique? Two distinct advantages: first, we are the first outsourcing site that does not charge designers a fee for submitting entries to our listed projects; second, everything is public which means that you can read feedback given to other providers. This is a boost to team learning because you learn from others' mistakes and find out about their strengths and skills.

We have lined up this FAQ for you, the designer. If there is any question that is not covered or you need additional information, feel free to send us a note!

  • I do not live in the US. Will I be allowed to join?

    Yes, of course! accepts designers from all over the world.
  • How do I participate in a posted contest?

    It's easy. Create a profile and when you're done, you can start submitting entries immediately. You can also ask the buyer some questions before starting on the project. It takes only 2 minutes to create your profile, but make it as attractive and appealing to contest organizers and holders!
  • Will I receive updates after joining a contest?

    You will receive alerts about the contest's status. To receive alerts, simply subscribe to that contest from your admin.
  • My design is ready. How do I send it to the buyer?

    Do not upload your design files on the public message board. You should contact the buyer or contest holder for his private e-mail address to send your design. You must deliver the editable AI or EPS vector files with your design.
  • How do I get paid for my design? does not handle any money transactions between contest organizers/buyers and designers. Before starting work on your design, make payment arrangements with the buyer directly. If you wish to use PayPal, ask the buyer if this is possible.
  • Will I own all rights to my design?

    You will own all rights to your design if you have not yet received payment. Once you are selected as the winner and receive payment, you transfer ownership and full copyright for the design to the buyer.
  • I have submitted my design but have not heard from the buyer. What do I do? strongly encourages buyers and contest holders to acknowledge receipt of the design and to provide feedback. If after four days you have not received any feedback, contact the buyer/contest holder directly and request feedback.
  • I was selected as winner but have not received payment. What do I do?

    Contact the buyer directly and request payment. Make sure your design was received and that you have the signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement (if the contest you joined is private) as well as your signed contract (if this was mutually agreed to). will investigate the matter and if it's justified, it will amend the profile of the buyer to indicate a no-payment situation.
  • Aside from the Non-Disclosure Agreement (for a private contest) and a signed written contract, what other ways can I protect myself?

    You may want to check the buyer's profile before joining his contest. Assess his project record. If he posts several projects but does not select a winner, that should be a red flag. If he does not provide feedback or has a no-payment indication on his profile, these should alert you to a potentially unpleasant experience. You may also want to read what other designers say about the buyer.
  • As a designer, what am I NOT allowed to do?

    You are not allowed to post negative remarks or comments about a contest holder or about any of the contest participants. You cannot deliver logos that used clipart or stock artwork. You cannot submit designs that you have not personally created. You cannot send angry e-mails or insults to buyers. If you disagree with the buyer's feedback, say so but do it with tact and diplomacy. You cannot directly solicit feedback from other participants about a contest holder. You cannot negotiate a higher monetary award than what was posted by the contest holder. Finally, to protect your interests, do not agree to do additional design work within the same contest or do an extra logo for another brand.