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Guidelines and FAQ

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  • I want to create a contest. What steps do I need to take?

    First, log in to your account on Choose "create a contest". Then provide enough information about the theme of the contest, the requirements for design and the amount of money that you will pay to the winner.
  • How many credits do I need to create a contest?

    Creating a new contest will cost $49 . This is for one contest in one specific category. Creating a second contest requires another $39.00.
  • Is there a minimum amount for the prize money I offer to the winning entry?

    Yes. The minimum amount is US$200.00.
  • How long will my contest be posted on your site?

    A contest usually remains posted on the site anywhere from 2 to 12 days. You have the option of extending this period by doing it from "admin".
  • I've never created a contest before so I'm not sure what to include in the description.

    A brief project description is sufficient, and must convey your requirements clearly so that the designer or participant understands exactly what has to be done. First, state your objective. Why are you holding this contest? Second, describe your requirements. Do you want a logo, a letterhead design, art work for a campaign ad, drawings for a marketing blitz, a picture for a T-shirt, etc. Third, state how much you're willing to pay the winning entry, and fourth, give your e-mail address so that the designer can communicate with you to clarify your requirements or to ask for additional instructions.
  • I've posted my contest. Now what?

    Check your e-mail address regularly for any updates. You will receive detailed e-mail updates at least twice a day. The final designs will be sent as an archive to your e-mail address. Let the designer know that you have received his/her entry. Each time you receive an entry, provide your feedback in a timely manner.
  • Why is it necessary to give feedback to each submitted design?

    Designers are proud of what they do. Many of them are not participating in the contest simply for the money. Providing feedback is an essential part of any contest because designers want to receive comments about their skills and talents. They also want to learn and improve in areas that need improving. Your feedback therefore is important; it fuels inspiration and creativity, and those who participate in your contest will know that you have given their design your personal attention. If there is a particular design that you don't like, be honest and say so but do this in a constructive manner. Never insult or criticize an entry without giving any reason or advice on how to improve. Remember that the more you give to designers, the more they give back to you. It's a reciprocal relationship that should be mutually satisfying.
  • Where and when do I provide feedback?

    You can leave feedback in the designated feedback section for every entry you receive. You must give feedback preferably within 4 days of receiving the entry; sooner is better. Designers will know that you're serious and sincere about the contest.
  • When I receive a design, am I allowed to ask the designer for source files?

    Yes, especially if your design is a logo or stationery design. You can request the designer for the editable AI or EPS vector editable files. In the case of tri-folds, you may wish to check with your printer about pre-press requirements and make sure you include this in your contest description because printers use different file formats.
  • I've picked a winner. How do I pay him/her? does not handle any money transactions between organizers and participants, nor does it deduct commissions or other contest fees. Contact the winner directly and make payment arrangements. The most common payment method is PayPal. Ensure you have the winner's correct e-email address for PayPal fund transfers.
  • What happens if I don't pay the winner?

    You must have very good reasons for not wanting to pay the designer in which case you should convey these reasons and aim for a friendly negotiation. If the design meets your specifications and you still do not pay the designer, will report a "no payment" in your profile which can be viewed by other participants.
  • What am I NOT allowed to do when I create and post a contest?

    The following are additional rules you must respect:
    • you cannot request logo designs for more than one brand. Additional logo designs must be in separate contests. The general rule: one contest, one design. No multiple design requests allowed!
    • you cannot request different designs for the same category. For example, if you need a web site design, you cannot ask for a logo and a brochure.
    • you cannot request adult content or any design that resembles adult/child pornography or anything with racist tones, no matter how subtle.
    • you cannot post links in hopes of making designers buy products or services that will give them an edge over other designers.
    • you cannot post a contest without picking a winner.
    • you cannot accept a design without leaving feedback. You should make the effort to send your comments for each entry.
    • you cannot let a contest remain idle for 7 days or more. If you do, your contest will be removed from the site.
  • What if I want to cancel a contest?

    You can cancel a contest provided you state clear reasons for doing so and not after you've received numerous designs. Cancelling a contest does not exempt you from providing feedback for each and every entry.
  • I want my contest to be private. Is this possible?

    Yes. Upgrading your contest from public to private will cost $10.00. The advantage of a private contest is that it will not be indexed by any of the search engines and are only available to designers who are logged in. You can also invite your favorite designers to participate.
  • How can I ensure that the designer will not sell my design to third parties?

    This is an issue that you will need to spell out in a private Non-Disclosure Agreement and discuss in detail with your designer. Click here for the agreement. Because does not and cannot in any way arbitrate legal disputes should they arise, it is up to the contest organizer to make sure that he or she is protected from any form of copyright fraud. We recommend that you have the winner's name, address and contact details, and verify that payment has been received. In addition to the Non-Disclosure Agreement, ask the designer for a written assignment of full copyright to you before you make payment. Click here for a sample contract. As an additional precaution, tell the designer that you wish to have the vector source files of the design.
  • Is the information in my profile protected? is firmly committed to your privacy. We will not send your name and address to third parties. The information you provide is used only for your account and to match your project with appropriate and qualified designers. Designers see only your username and your project requirements. Your e-mail address and other contact details are not revealed.