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I need a logo for my online food ordering buisness.

I own and manage an online / mobile phone based food ordering / payment business. I designed my current logo and website but the time has come to step up my game. It is obvious that I did all the designing! My current logo plays off the name LineLeap by using frogs...but my goal is to get away from that and make the company look more professional and trustworthy; rather that playful. I am open to all ideas. I see the tag line being based around "intelligent ordering" or "saving time" or "not waiting on your food" service is a convenience for customers. The service makes it easy to order and pay so your meals are ready for you when you get to the restaurant, in order to avoid the frustrations of waiting.

Entry Forum
2008-10-24 10:57:42
Here is a clean, professional, and versatile logo. It could be used and read well using almost any color palette, or simply black and white. The thought process behind the mark is the rounded square in the back is a computer monitor, the circle and clock hands representing time, and the hands of the clock crossed at such an angle as to imply 2 L's.