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With regard to his brand he wants a logotype only using the name of his company "Kensik & Associates" and making use of the K and the A

"K" & "A" could maybe be to the side of the company name one over the other. He would like it with a strong construction/block type theme. i'm sure your creativity will capture their imagination though so anything goes with other options... They are a young enough company -mid sized (around 10 employees) some wear suits - some don't the company is acclaimed locally to be very professional & thorough on every project while their designs are not ambitious (my opinion) they have a generally visually appealing quality their company generally needs to be freshened up & a new corporate brand will be the focal point of all subsequent marketing efforts, 'professional engineering excellence' and 'neat' would be words i would use to describe what they are looking for.

Entry Forum
2008-09-16 10:03:50
Here's another option - using the "A" as a shadow